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Long Time No Posts

by on Nov.03, 2013, under Flying, Motorcycling, Racing, SCUBA

I realize I have not updated this in a long time (3 years, 8 months +/- a few days). A lot of thing have change in my life the last few years. I will try to keep it short and run through the last few years with some highlights. I was laid off from my job of 5 years in June of 2010. Not that I didn’t see that coming or anything. I ended up starting my own company, which has pretty much consumed all of my time since then. In April 2011 I decided since I hadn’t been to my house in NC in 7 months that I might as well officially move back to CT. Due to numerous reasons I have retired from Motorcycle Racing. I still have one of my race bikes which I am on the fence about selling right now as I have 2 race tracks opening up within a hour of me, and 3 more within 3 or 4 hours. I figure I can at least do track days from here on out.

in December 2011 I flew out to Santa Barbara for the weekend to visit a friend. She gave me a tour around Santa Barbara and we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey Bay. It was quite a trip and I highly recommend it as a bucket list item. In October 2012, I took my first real vacation in years. It started off as half work trip / half vacation. We went to Orlando for a Trade show and realized no one bought the tickets to go. Well tickets went from $450 a head to $1500 a head. So we skipped out and went to NASA & Disney instead. The 2nd week we all went down to Grand Bahama. Here we had a blast. Too be honest though, if we didnt get our SCUBA certifications while there, I probably would of been bored the entire time. I would highly recommend Grand Bahama Scuba ( Facebook ).

In July of this year, I finally got tired of wanting to get my Private Pilots License and finally did something about it. I scheduled my Class 3 Medical Exam and got my Student Pilots License. I will continue more on this in future posts. For now, I am going back to watching Forrest Gump


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Racing – CCS @ Daytona

by on Feb.26, 2010, under Racing

Ill do this day by day.

Myself and a few friends left our shop at 4pm on thursday afternoon. 2 Hours later just north of Columbia, SC. we lose the motor. it stats knockig badly. So while we wait for our friends wife to come pick us up, we have to unhitch the trailer and put the truck on a tow truck. She finally comes and gets us (2 hours later) and we begin our drive back to Mooresville (Just north of charlotte). So around 1030 Pm we begin our journey back. By now i realize there is no way im doing the Team Hammer Practice day on Friday. We finally get the trailer loaded up again around 1230 am and continue onto fresh ground.
around 3am after getting gas in GA. we accidentally got on the north bound land and stuck there for 15 miles. We finally roll into the speedway at 715am. 15 hours after we left for the track. Normally it only takes about 6-6.5 hours.

I was completly turned off from doing the team hammer day, even though i wanted to shake out the new bike. so i ended up entering Lightweight Superbike, Lightweight GP, Ultralight SuperBike, CCS Thunderbike & ASRA Thunderbike.

We get inside and get ready to start unloading. i move a ton of fuel around and prepare to unload the bike. the first thing i noticed is my cheapo clutch lever is broken. Good thing Street & Comp is here, I needed some stuff anyways.

Anyways, i spent the day just doing various setup related items. I also got the bike suspension setup by John of CTR Suspensions. JB also got my pitbike running for the first time in 6 months.

The one thing i really hate about Daytona is tech inspection, it wouldnt be so bad if you didnt have to push your bike up a 2 foot tall ramp.

Tomorrow consists of 2 rounds of practice and CCS Thunderbike, & ASRA Thunderbike qualifying

CCS 2010 Season Opener

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SuperBike build

by on Sep.23, 2009, under Motorcycling, Racing

I spent a couple hours at the shop tonight working on the superbike. I repaired the wiring harness and reinstalled. I got the airbox mounted up for the most part, and the tank is on now. I also got the new subframe bolted on, Still need to add parts to it though to finish building it. I also ordered a new steering damper bracket for a 06 GSXR 600, So i can swap my stabilizer between the SuperSport & SuperBike. Hope to get it dyno’d and mapped sometimes next week.

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Racing – CCS End of Summer Cycle Fest @ VIR

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Racing

I went to bed saturday night, with the intention of getting up at 430am to head to the track at about 1030. I woke up @ 1230 and 230. After 230 i could not fall asleep to save my life. So around 4 i dragged myself out of bed and left for the track. Once I arrived I found a great place to pit, Close to tech and next to Method Moto the Pirelli Vendor. This will work good since my pitbike was not running. Once registration is open, I go register for Lightweight Grand Prix and UltraLight SuperBike. After getting hassled in tech over my boots I finish up setting up for the day.

Practice – What a nightmare, Bike handled like complete crap. That might have something to do with the 3 trackdays + 8 or 9 races & 5 practice sessions I had on them already. I came in early as i just wasnt confident in the bike overall. I brought it in and talked with Rick from Method Moto who looked at the tires and said the front was barely warm and the rear was fine. I park it and take the wheels off. After getting a new set of stickies, I decide to throw the wheels in the trailer since rumor had it was going to rain.

I also found out a track friend of mine Dale the Continental Dealer had gotten some RTech from another track friend. I wanted to get some so I could get the bike setup on it for when i start selling it next season. After talking with Clinton, we came up with some ideas that will help us both out.

Fast forward through lunch and onto Race 9. Ultra Light Weight SuperBike
Fantastic start, probably best start of the year. I apparently got some testiculars back and im holding off for 2nd. I dont know how far back they are but i know they are close. So i just focus in on the leader. As im comming around the start finish i see the meatball flag and glanced at the number board. I see 4_4. First reaction is FUCK that better not be me. So ive pretty much lost interest and get passed by some fast amatuers. Comming around the SF again, Sure enough its 484. I raise my hand to signal i saw the board and pretty much said fuck it. I come in down pit road stop. both feet on the ground. and get waved off. promptly stalled as i see the last place amatuer go by. I get back start playing catchup. I finished 4th out 4th

I talked with the Guy at Pit in and he says it was for jumping the start. apparently we are in the AMA now and fork movement consists of a start. And the guy who was leading, defintely left before i did. Nothing i can do about it now.

Race 14 – LWGP – Crappy start cause my momma got scared and said your going to live with you auntie and uncle in belaire. My field pretty much walked away on me. I had a shifting issue going into 7 on lap 3 or so and went to the run off. Turned it around and start catching the AMs again. As im comming for the White, I hear Joe (Cowboy6) on my ass. I cross with it white. He goes flying by and starts waving for his win. Next thing i know 2 guys go flying by us and keep on racing? WTF. They apparently got 2 white flags and no checker. Joe ended up winning the race which was good for him. He earned it

This weekend since i got new gadgets recently. a Garmin Forerunner 305 [Heart rate monitor with GPS]. I decided to race with it on. The results can be seen here. Im pretty sure im going to have a heart attack while racing one day. So Im going to definitely focus on some cardio for a bit. Also since Ive been doing P90X, I was not wearing out like I have been in previous races. Which im estatic about.  Next event is Daytona for the Race of Champions in October

I would like to thank Woodcraft, Vortex, Sharkskinz, Method Moto, Boston Moto, Pirelli, Lockhart Phillips, Sidi, Vemar, & CT Power & Sport for their support. Without it, I would not be able to do what I am doing.

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