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Wednesday 11/13/13 – Slow Flight, Steep Turns, & Stalls

by on Nov.19, 2013, under Flying

I showed up at the airport and quickly discover that just like at my house. Someone left the air conditioner on outside and its cold outside. 27 degrees out and windy. Mark helps me preflight so we can get out of the cold ASAP. We hop in the plan and taxi out to runway 2. The crosswind is pretty relevant by the time we get on the runway, but I managed to get out of it. As we get upto 600 feet, I get cleared to turn west towards Hartford. As I am ascending Mark has me run through the enroute climb check list ( Shut off landing light & electric fuel pump are the 2 big things I really need to look at ). I head towards UCONN medical center. When I get upto 2700 feet it is extremely bumpy and I propose we go up another 1000′.  Mark thinks its a great idea and up we go. Once there its not much better and I say how about another 1000. So we go up to 4700′ and its nice and smooth. Looks like this is where we are hanging out today.

As we are headed west Mark has me perform some more slow flight. This is thrilling as always. Mark notices its getting cold, so he jacks up the cabinet heat. Thankfully because I was starting to get cold as well. After doing some slow flight turns, its into steep bank turns. My left turn is terrible and Mark confirmed it. But I nailed my right hand turn. I tell him how I feel good with the right hand turns, but the left hand ones I know need work. Marks solution? Do a left hand turn, but keep holding it and do until he says stop. This sounds safe I say. I’ve done this in my office chair and it involved me almost throwing up. As I go around I see my left hand turn reference point and announce it. Second time around I announce my reference point and he tells me to level out. Much better this time.

So while we are flying around the Torrington area, we see another plane and it turns out to be another student & instructor from PFC. Mark calls out to him over the radio, but he doesn’t answer. The remainder of the flight isn’t too amazing. Just kept performing steep banked turns & slow flight. Alternating between the two. After a while Mark has me perform a power off stall again. About time, more excitement. We do this twice. That’s enough for Mark. He’s had enough of stalls for the day. Mark is not a particular fan of stalling the plane, but I give him a A for effort in suffering through me doing them.

As we head back to the airport I do some more slowflight & steep turns. Not too bad till we start dropping down for landing. The wind has really picked up and at 2500′ I am getting blown around everywhere. The tower clears us for a left base approach. As I make my final the wind has us pointing 45 degrees to the runway. I tell Mark a little help would not be unjustified here. As I get closer he makes sure I know exactly how to land this and guides me down. Right before touchdown alot of right rudder and a left hand turn on the yoke made us land straight. I gave a nice sigh and taxied over to PFC.

After tieing the plan down, we run inside as it is COLD. We had a good post flight debriefing and discussed Saturday as usual. The plan for saturday was to do power off stalls & power on stalls, as well as trying to do as much pattern work as possible.

This Flight Total
# of Take Offs 1 10
# of Landings 1 10
X-Country Hours 0 0
Night Hours 0 0
Total Flight Time 1.9 Hours 8.6 Hours

Airports visited so far: KHFD, KGON, KOXC, KHVN, KIJD

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